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Business Group Meet With Herefordshire Council For Second Time

02nd September 2014 by gabriel - Latest News

Businessman Jon Hale has held a second meeting with Herefordshire Council Leader Tony Johnson about the future of football at Edgar Street.

Giving an insight into one of the key issues he discussed with Mr Johnson this morning, Mr Hale, who is one member of a group which has put together a detailed business plan to launch a phoenix club at Edgar Street should Hereford United (1939) Limited be liquidated, said:

“As a group we felt it was important to meet with Mr Johnson for a second time so we could emphasise that we continue to consider ourselves a serious and viable alternative option for Herefordshire Council should Hereford United (1939) Limited be liquidated and the three leases relating to Edgar Street return to the council.

“However, we also felt it was important to once again state categorically that our business plan is all about ensuring there is a long term future for football at Edgar Street.

“With that in mind, we have told Mr Johnson that, should the worst case scenario occur and the current club fold, we would initially be willing to take on one, single ten year lease at Edgar Street on the area currently covered by three separate leases.

“We are willing to do this to make it absolutely clear that our proposals are centred on building a successful football club and are in no way about making money for personal benefit as we have seen suggested in certain quarters.

“To leave no room for doubt, we have explained to Mr Johnson that we are comfortable this single lease would then leave decisions on possible development opportunities to the council, as long as we are able to look at any plans drawn up to ensure we are happy with the benefits they would offer the football club in terms of improved spectator facilities at each end of the ground.

“We have also reassured Mr Johnson that the investors we already have in place expect no return on the significant investment they’re willing to offer a phoenix club and therefore they are more than comfortable for us to agree to a variation of the current leases.”

For clarity, the individuals who attended this morning’s meeting with Herefordshire Council Leader Tony Johnson were Jon Hale himself, Phil Eynon, Phil Pratt (who is from Alder King and is offering the group advice on Landlord and Tenant procedures), and HUST Board member Richard Howard.

Issued: 2 September, 2014

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