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Fantastic Interest in Junior Bull Relaunch

06th November 2015 by Jamie Griffiths - Junior Bulls

We have now received 100 requests for Junior Bull application forms within 48 hours – amazing support, thank you all.

Many of these are from families of 2 children so we’re actually looking at a possible 150 plus members already! We’re working our way through the requests but it will take a little longer than we were expecting (they’re still coming through!).

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard from us yet we’ll be in touch asap.

It’s been great hearing from you all especially those of you that were Junior Bulls back in the 90’s and are now signing your children up. This is what it’s all about – today’s Junior Bulls and Dribblers are the future of our club and a very important part of the club, it’s great to have you all onboard and we look forward to meeting you soon on match days.

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