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Junior Bull Membership

25th July 2016 by Jamie Griffiths - Junior Bulls

Hereford FC are delighted to offer young fans Free Membership again to the Junior Bulls Supporters Club for the 2016/17 season.

If you were a member last season then your membership will be automatically renewed – if you haven’t signed up yet then you can do so now for FREE!

Click here to complete the online application form now!

The Junior Bulls is purely a supporters club for fans between the ages of 0-15. Juniors aged between 0-4 will be members of our Junior Bulls Dribblers Club, with ages 5 to 15 being Junior Bulls.

Family Social Events

We look forward to meeting members at our family social events. Here’s a sample of what is planned so far for this season;

Family Quiz Night
Christmas Party
Coach Trips

Members will be notified of all events by email.

“I am delighted that the Board of Directors share my passion for the re-launched Junior Bulls and continue to support us again this season. There are more children coming to games with their families now than we have seen for many years, and we want to give them their own platform. It will be just a supporters club, as we certainly wouldn’t want to step on the toes of UITC, so there won’t be any football teams through Junior Bulls. We recognise that there are a large number of children who want to support the club but not necessarily play football. Junior Bulls is here for all junior supporters” said Jane.

Chairman Jon Hale added “We are delighted that the Junior Bulls club continues to grow and develop . It is so important to embrace the next generation of supporter, and this is exactly the way to do it. Jane has experience of the way Junior Bulls ran the last time, and is ready to put everything into this for the benefit of our younger fans. The Board will ensure Junior Bulls is run not for profit so that all surpluses generated from its activities and memberships are used to for Junior Bulls Supporters Club.”

Click here to complete the online application form now!

The membership application form allows for up to three children to join. If you would like to sign up more than three members, please email [email protected]

Keep up to date with what’s happening by checking out the following;

Twitter @HFCJuniorBulls
For further information please contact Jane Griffiths [email protected]

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