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Kinnersley Makes Season Ticket Renewals Request

01st June 2016 by Chris Ammonds - Commercial,Latest News

Hereford FC’s CEO, Ken Kinnersley, has today asked supporters to continue to be patient when coming to renew their seated Season Tickets and put extra time aside when they come to the Club Shop.

The club are using a new software system for the 2016/17 season which means every sale has to be carefully recorded individually on the system to ensure that seats are reserved for the specific fan who has bought it.

Speaking about the time it takes to record each sale, Kinnersley said:

‘I’d like to thank supporters who have purchased their season tickets already and thank them for their patience as the renewal process is taking time. However, it is vital we get it right at the start, right from the stage where each seat is bought.

‘Getting the records correct now – including an e-mail address to make future contact about ticket information more straightforward wherever possible – will save a huge amount of time in future and although waiting around is frustrating, I would ask fans to understand that this new computerised system is going to make life much easier for everyone moving forward.

‘Once fans have had the chance to renew their seats, general season ticket sales – which start on 8 June – can then be done both face-to-face and online. Clearly we need an accurate record of all the renewed seats to ensure this process works correctly.

‘As fans will be expected to sit in the specific seat they have been allocated when they have bought, the last thing we want to do is sell the same seat twice which is why we’re being extra careful and taking additional time to get this right.

‘We do apologise for any inconvenience caused by delays suffered while waiting to renew a season ticket, but I hope fans understand and are reassured that introducing this new ticketing system will have huge long-term benefits for the club and its supporters.’


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