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Ron Parrott Joins Hereford FC Team

13th February 2015 by gabriel - Latest News

We are pleased to announce that long standing Hereford United supporter Ron Parrott has accepted an offer to take on the role as Hereford FC’s Club Historian.

Ron was Hereford United’s Historian for many years and we are delighted he feels he would like to take on this role for Hereford FC should the club agree a deal with Herefordshire Council for the Edgar Street lease.

Giving his thoughts on his new role, Ron said:

‘I am absolutely delighted and honoured to have been approached by Hereford FC to become official Club Historian and have jumped at the opportunity.

‘I am 100% behind the new club and am very excited at rekindling the flame of passion and pride, and looking forward to many more successes over the coming years!

‘I am still working on Volume One of the definitive history of Hereford United from 1924 to 1971, while Volume Two will then follow looking at 1972 to 2015.

‘August will see the start of another new and exciting chapter – I can’t wait!”

Speaking about Ron’s appointment, Jon Hale said:

‘We feel privileged that Ron Parrott has accepted our approach to take on this role as the love and years of dedication he gave to Hereford United are well known.

‘To have the likes of Ron, Steve Niblett and Jamie Griffiths – who is helping us with our website and social media platforms – offering us their support is quite humbling because they represent everything that was  good about Hereford United, and will help ensure Hereford FC carries the spirit of the old club with it.

‘We continue to be amazed by the number of volunteers who are coming forward and the huge amount of knowledge and skill we will be able to call upon if we can make Edgar Street Hereford FC’s home.

‘I’d once again like to thank everyone who has got in touch so far and encourage anyone who feels they have something to offer to contact our Volunteers Co-ordinator, Ken Kinnersley, at [email protected].

‘We would be delighted to get in contact with even more people who’ve assisted at Edgar Street in the past, while we’d also love to hear from people who’ve never wanted to get involved before, but who feel they want to now.

‘Our proposal is put together by Herefordshire people for Herefordshire people, and we genuinely want Hereford FC to feel like its own special community in the much wider local community.

‘We believe it is through everyone working together that we will have the best possible chance of achieving the success we must strive for, both on and off the pitch.’

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