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Academy Trials

The Hereford FC Academy runs trial weekends in May and June for all of the following season’s squads, with over 150 footballers trialing for the Academy in May and June 2018.

These trials will be advertised on the Club website and social media in advance of the dates. Anyone wishing to trial will need to register with the Academy beforehand detailing their playing history and basic contact information.
We do consider individual trials through the season when spaces become available within a particular squad. However we do not accept trial requests for players based outside the UK.
In all instances, trial requests for the U12 to U18, and Womens, teams should be sent to [email protected] to include:
Full Name
Age and Date of Birth
Home Address
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Contact Phone number and Email address
Preferred position(s)
Brief playing history
All trialists will need to supply a completed signed consent form prior to trial.
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