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General Ticketing FAQ

1. How do I buy a match ticket for a Hereford FC home game?

Tickets are available in advance both online and from our club shop for all of our home matches.

Tickets generally go on sale online on the Sunday before a Saturday home game, and from the Club Shop on the Wednesday and Friday, although sometimes sales periods differ.

Tickets are on sale on the day of the game (subject to availability) for the majority of our home games.

Keep an eye out on the official website (www.herefordfc.co.uk) and our social media channels for the latest ticket selling information ahead of each game. as sometimes we do have to make changes.

2. How do I buy a ticket on the day for a home match?

Our Matchday Ticket Office is open between 12noon-2:50pm for a Saturday home game. You will need to purchase a ticket here before going to the turnstile. We accept cash and card payments at the Matchday Ticket Office.

On a midweek game, our Matchday Ticket Office is open between 6pm-7:45pm.

We operate two cash turnstiles on the Meadow End (subject to availability), these are turnstiles 20 & 21. These open between 2pm-3pm on a Saturday and 7pm-7:45pm on a midweek game.

3. How do I buy a match ticket for a Hereford FC away game?

The majority of our away matches are pay on the day. However, sometimes we have tickets to sell in advance.

All the latest ticket information can be found on our official website (www.herefordfc.co.uk) and our social media channels ahead of each game.

4. Why are seats empty close to me when the Block I’m sitting in has been identified as sold out?

There are three principal reasons why seats may be empty on a match day, despite various blocks being notified as “sold out”.

– HFC are not permitted to sell every seat in the ground due to the restrictions of the club Safety Certificate. This results from restrictions that affect safety aspects of the emergency evacuation routes. As an example, there are in excess of 1,800 seats in the Merton Stand, but we are only allowed to sell just over 1,400 of these. It is a similar situation in the Len Weston Stand.

– Not every season ticket holder attends every home game. We are unable to “resell” season ticket holders allocated seats unless we are notified in advance that they relinquish their seat for a specific match. For games where we expect a big crowd, we do appeal for season ticket holders who are not attending specific match(s) to notify the club so that we can sell the seat.

– Each game we have a number of tickets that have been pre-purchased in advance, but uncollected on the day of the game.

5. If I am unable to make a match that I have purchased a ticket for, can I get a refund?

Any person wishing to obtain a refund on match tickets not subsequently required must ensure that the tickets are in possession of Hereford Football Club no later than 24 hours prior to the time of the advertised kick off.

Refunds are not available for season ticket holders who can not attend a particular match.

6. If I book a ticket online, how soon can I collect it?

Once you have ordered your ticket, your ticket will be available to collect from the club shop on Wednesday or Friday between 10am-4pm. Please leave at least 24 hours after placing your order before collecting your ticket, and please ensure that the club shop is open. We will need to know the name of the person who made the purchase.

7. When and where can I collect my ticket on a matchday?

You can collect your pre-purchased ticket from the Matchday Ticket Office from 12noon onwards on the day of a Saturday home game.

For a midweek home game, you can collect your ticket from the Club Shop between 10am-4pm, and from the Matchday Ticket Office from 6pm onwards.

8. Does my child or baby need a match ticket?

All children under the age of 5 years old can gain free entry into Edgar Street, however, in line with our safety certificate, they must obtain a match ticket.

These free tickets can be collected at the same time as purchasing a ticket, either from the Club Shop during the week (see Club Shop opening times), or from the Matchday Ticket Office on the day of the game (subject to availability).

If you are trying to buy tickets online, and would like to reserve a seated ticket for an under 5 along with the rest of your order, please phone 01432 268257.

9. Can I upgrade a ticket from a child/concession to an adult?

Yes, we can upgrade any ticket. This can be done at the Matchday Ticket Office where you will be charged the difference in ticket price.

10. Can I swap my ticket from a terrace ticket to a seated ticket?

Yes, subject to availability, we will always try and accommodate any requests for changing your ticket. Please do this either before matchday from the Club Shop (please check club shop opening times) or on the day of the game from the Matchday Ticket Office.

11. I’ve lost my season ticket / left it at home, what can I do?

Please report to Addison’s Bar Reception desk as soon as you are aware that you do not have your season ticket with you.

We will ask you for payment for a replacement match ticket to enable you to get into the game immediately.

If you find your season ticket at a later date, you can bring your season ticket voucher for that game, along with your replacement ticket stub back to us within 28 days of the date of the game, and we will refund your entry fee.

If you can not find your season ticket, or it has been stolen or damaged, we will give you a replacement season ticket for an administration fee of £10.

12. My friends are in a different part of the ground to where my ticket is for, can I join them?

If you would like to change location, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a ticket in another area. We will always try to facilitate your request, but it does depend on availability. If you are moving from terrace to seats, you will be charged the additional pound.

If you ask to move location once you have already entered the stadium, you will need to speak to the nearest steward. It is likely that once inside the ground, your request will be denied, due to the limitations of our safety certificate, so at every opportunity, please try and request a move before entering the stadium.

13. What are the age categories for concessions and child tickets?

You may be asked to provide relevant identification when purchasing a concession or U18 ticket.


– Anyone in full-time education
– Those in receipt of the full state pension


– Anyone under the age of 16 on 1st August 2018.

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