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Within Hereford FC there are many different roles for volunteers, each with different levels of responsibility.

For a competitive home match the club requires a minimum number of volunteers so Hereford FC will be depending on our volunteers individual sense of responsibility and self discipline to ensure we are able to stage matches.

This means the club and the fans will be totally reliant on volunteers not only reporting on time on match days, but also upholding all other required club standards.

Volunteers are also needed to undertake work on non-match days by engaging in cleaning, administration and many other tasks. It can be great fun – just ask one of our existing volunteers!

Hereford FC are an equal opportunities organisation and as such welcome absolutely everyone over the age of 17 to consider volunteering with Hereford FC.

Volunteers are a valuable resource and the club believes volunteers have the right to be given meaningful roles, the right to effective supervision and to be recognised for their contribution.

In return, volunteers will agree to fulfil their role to the best of their abilities and to uphold values, goals and procedures as defined by the club and to which they have agreed.

If Hereford FC is to be successful it will be as a result of many factors including a committed Board, a great management team, but, most importantly, those supporters who donate their personal time by volunteering for the club without payment.

By so doing you will be helping to reduce the vast operating costs of the Edgar Street stadium by providing a range of necessary services free of charge. Although we are already well served by a fantastic team of volunteers, we still need to attract more supporters to help us deliver on match days.

The more volunteers we can attract the more the work can be shared. Volunteers do not have to be available to work every home match day, but if you are able to help out regularly – even just a few times a season – this would be a great help in ensuring our club goes from strength to strength.

In the coming days we will update this page with the ‘Volunteers Arrangement’ that sets out the basics of the understanding we hope to secure with our volunteers, and a downloadable copy of the Hereford FC Volunteers Handbook.

If you believe we have omitted anything that should be included and would improve the document, do please get in touch.

There is a warm welcome awaiting all who choose to join the team by volunteering with Hereford FC.

Best wishes,

Ken Kinnersley, Operations Director, Hereford FC

1st June 2015

HFC Volunteers Handbook

Volunteer Arrangement

Volunteers Registration Form

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